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Owner and founder of Lune Bleue James is a highly skilled body worker, regarded by many as one of the best hands on therapists in the country. His unique treatments combine myofascial release, sports massage and medical acupuncture. With the aim of creating good function to relieve pain and improve performance, each treatment is individually tailored to the clients need. His speciality is postural pain and his treatments are also suitable for sports injuries, chronic conditions, pregnancy and structural imbalances. James has trained (over 1000 hours) in many styles of yoga and has an intelligent and considered approach to practice and application. He has spent many years working at leading Yoga centres, gyms, in the corporate field and for the NHS with people suffering with mental health conditions, addictions and stress. More than just a yoga teacher, as a Yoga therapist James is able to prescribe yogic techniques (asana, pranayama, meditation, relaxation) for various ailments and conditions where appropriate. James looks not only at the physical level but at the emotional, energetic and spiritual levels of being to help bring optimum health and wellness. 1-1 yoga therapy sessions with James are highly recommended. James's approach is inspired by his own journey overcoming a chronic spinal condition after years of working in a city based job and from this has experienced a true understanding of the transformational qualities of effective structural bodywork and the importance and application of self care at home.