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Corporate Wellness

Price From £500

Back pain and stress are among the most common reasons for time off work (along with colds/flu, headaches and stomach problems). Regular massage, yoga, exercise, meditation and mindfulness practice, along with a good diet can help with all these issues, leading to better physical and mental health. A demanding work schedule can make it difficult to find time for self-care and it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. We can bring wellbeing services directly to your employees in the workplace, encouraging them to look after themselves. We take care of complete wellbeing, mental, physical and emotional. A happy and healthy employee is less likely to have time off for illness and is more creative and productive. We'll create a bespoke package for you on a one-off or regular basis, bringing in a team of experts on mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, structural bodywork, yoga and holistic therapies depending on your needs.