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Jet Lag Renewal Treatments

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It is well known that the experience of flying can be stressful. Getting to the airport, late cab, traffic jams and then gate changes, departure delays, sitting next to someone sniffing or sneezing, crying children, turbulence, the list goes on and on. Studies have shown that almost 20% of travellers catch a cold or similar after a flight so it's imperative that your immune system gets all the support it can after you've travelled. Jet lag symptoms include temporary insomnia, fatigue, irritability, and often an impaired ability to concentrate may set in. A changed bathroom schedule may cause constipation or diarrhoea, and the brain may become confused and disoriented as it attempts to juggle schedules. There are many ways to help reduce symptoms. Our pre-flight treatments will help boost circulation and strengthen the immune system, mobilise joints and relax the body and mind helping you prepare for a long flight. Post flight Jet-lag renewal treatments can be energising, giving you a boost of energy and maybe a non surgical face lift to revitalise a tired face, prepare you for that important meeting or can be relaxing to help you sleep, either way they will help you to adjust to a new time zone and make the most of your time. All our therapists offer a combination of different treatments to help you depending on what you need so please call or email us and together we will determine the best therapist and treatment plan for you.