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Reiki (Japanese healing work) translates from Japanese and means Rei (spiritual/universal) and Ki (life energy force). It was developed as a healing practice in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist, Misao Usui, and is a natural, safe and soothing treatment that promotes the body’s own ability to heal itself by activating the relaxation response, helping the body and mind to rebalance at a very deep level. When our Ki energy flows freely we feel healthy and full of vitality, however it often becomes blocked or depleted leaving us feeling lethargic and prone to the effects of stress or illness. A Reiki healer uses a series of non-intrusive hand position on or near the body to channel energy to the recipient and its effects are often transformational and phenomenal. Reiki can help you to reduce stress, emotional blockage, release trauma, enhance energy levels, increase self-awareness and gives support to help you feel more centered and balanced.