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TRE (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a revolutionary self-administered technique for stress reduction and trauma recovery. These simple and easy to learn exercises can assist your body in releasing chronic muscular tensions and deeply held traumas thus restoring a sense of inner peace and calm. It is a self help method for anyone who is looking for a way to self-regulate their tension levels and everyday stresses. In the session, the practitioner will guide you through the exercises and monitor your response making sure the process is safe for you. The exercises are designed to access deep tensions and release them by induction of neurogenic tremors (tremors initiated by the nervous system). TRE is not designed to be a stand alone treatment for trauma but can greatly enhance any traditional therapeutic approach as it supports healing at the deepest level of the body, where traumatic responses originate. Before booking a session, please consult a medical health professional or your therapist if you are in any doubt whether these exercises might be appropriate for you. TRE can also be combined with craniosacral therapy for a truly transformative experience.